Monday, August 21, 2006


Many years ago the comments from the guy who became a mentor and friend to me, John Smith, had a huge impact on my appreciation of the arts. The arts, he said, were the 'nerve ends of a culture'. Music, poetry, theatre, film, sculpture, fine art, storytelling .... were oh so absent in my church experience of early years. How I've remedied that these days!!

It's been great to commission several artists to work on 8 pieces of work based on the 'Beatitudes' of Christ in Matthew's Gospel. This week we took delivery of Anthony Jones' contribution of an oil based work on 'Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness (justice), for they will be filled'....

Have a ponder, think Nestle, think corporate faceless America shafting the poor. Me thinks this will cause a pleasant stir, along with the other completed pieces going to be exhibited away from our venue, at Greenbelt Festival this weekend.

Monday, August 14, 2006

On The Box

A bit of regional TV coming up this time - This Thursday evening, 17 August, 11.35pm, ITV 1 Wales, 'My Way' - a more biograhical interview with obvious references to Zac's Place and God's Squad. Filmed back in Feb at Zac's HQ when I was full of a cold! (Filmed by the same producer we did the 5 programme series with HTV a few years back.... It also features a few snippets from that series - clips from Rowan Williams, Stewart Henderson, Rick Elias and Ben Castle).

This pic taken at the filming, for those not familiar with the venue, is in the lounge at Zac's, (where breakfast is served each morning to rough sleepers and we have smaller regular gatherings). This space also serves as our God's Squad club room.