Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Zac's Place Benefit Gig

Join us for what will be a night of exceptional live acoustic music - watch this space for more artists added to the line the meantime check out the myspace pages for music previews...

Thursday, February 22, 2007


I'm pretty skeptical about obscure US based mission initiatives, but we'd had some corresponence via our myspace site about a Michigan based set up engaging in a mission initiative at porn festivals and others within that huge industry. Most of the complaints they get are from Christians - that sounds familiar!!!! I'll leave the text at that but include this youtube interview with Martin Bashir asking the questions and let you make your own mind up......

Friday, February 16, 2007


It was grerat to have Sammy around at Zac's for a few days this past week. The Sun night gig went well as did the impromtu one at Tues nights Tribal Gathering. Managed to squeeze in a radio interview for Swansea sound, for broadcast this Sunday morneing with Kev John's Heart & Soul Show and Sammy also managed to share a few song with some of the lads on 'A' wing in Swansea Jail.

Celtic music and traditions came with a breath of fresh air, accompanied with reminders or worship with the '5 stringed harp' - symbolizing that we can worship God with all of the senses we are given - which if like me you have a terrible singing voice - there's room for a whole range of creative expression.

I'll aim to put a live track up from the Sun night gig on our myspace page as soon as I can and also keep you posted when we have Sammy's new album 'Songs for the Sick and Tired' in stock. The advance copy I have listened to is great and will be an encouraging listen for many Zaccers.

Also managed to take a few new promo shots of Sammy at Zac's in a spare hour - here's another two of them....

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The only reason I stick around is to see what happens next

There's a sign I've seen around that goes something like; 'I've been spat at, beat up, thrown up on, sworn at, abused & wrongly accused - infact, the only reason I stick around is to see what happens next.' It can be a bit like that at Zac's Place sometimes.

It's a been rough few weeks at the beginning of this new year for those making provision for the rough sleepers and street drinkers. A couple of isolated violent incidents make it difficult for everyone - the clients, the neighbours and the volunteers. One of the doors was smashed in in a different incident - probably an attempted opportunist break in.

Grace and forgiveness is a foundation of who we are. So is the protection of those others coming into Zac's. The hard facts of putting that into practice is not easy, especially when the voice of reason doesn't get much of a look in. The up shot is we either be walked all over, close the operation down at the expense of those who appreciate all the help that is given or we attempt to place those causing the problems on a ban for a set period of time. We've opted for the latter. How that will be received remains to be seen.

The reality is that the destructive pattern of behaviour fuelled by alcohol and drug abuse, brought on initially by a myriad of circumstances, has a very ugly face - finding the balence in a Jesus like response is often a struggle. No one more than he knows what it is to walk amid chaos into the middle ground of everyday life.