Thursday, May 24, 2007

Royal Mail Incompetence


Due to the apparent incompetence of Royal Mail, it would appear that mail to our PO Box address, (Exousia Trust, Box 437, Reading, RG30 3DF), during this year has not been getting delivered to us. As of 23 May, 2007 this matter is under investigation and is a very sorry state of affairs. It is quite probable that any cheques, letters and orders for merchandise may not have arrived. If you are in any doubt that something you have mailed to us has not arrived, please contact us asap on 07971 218644. Many thanks. Royal Mail can expect a seriously snotty letter, assuming it arrives.....

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


This week, Tue 8 May, sees a two page interview in the Big Issue Cymru - not seen it yet and I was very tired when I was interviewed so it could go either way . . . . . watch this space. Get your copy and support a local vendor.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

God's Squad

Regular visitors to Zac's Place will only be too aware that it also serves as the Euro HQ for God's Squad Christian Motorcycle Club, of which I am a founder UK member. The UK chapter had our 'National Run' starting at Zac's 2 weeks ago before heading north - here's a few video clips to give you some more of an idea behind the 'Squad' images displayed in the venue.

By way of an update regarding the recent break-in at Zac's - things should be back to normal, (having had to put most regular third party use on hold since mid January), within the next two weeks after a lengthy period of waiting on the insurance company.....