Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Close Shave ...

It was great to hear from local muso friend Steve Balsamo some weeks back asking me to be involved in a new video project with him and Rosalie Deighton. The result of which has just been released as a single ahead of their new album of duets. Steve, who is from Swansea, is perhaps best known for his highly acclaimed award winning role Jesus in the West End back in the 90's, but in more recent years he and Rosalie were part of the fantastic 'Storys' and Steve was also touring as vocalist for the recently departed Jon Lord of Deep Purple.

I hope you enjoy the following - Steve is quite rightly bound to get rave reviews from his huge fan base but Rosalie's voice is just so wonderful also, they blend beautifully - it promises to be a great album to follow. The video itself was filmed by Kamma Pastoll and Martyn Stevens and is the coming together of a very long creative process.

The song is a cover of Shawn Colvin's, 'I Don't Know Why' recorded and produced by Ben Robbins and is available on itunes from 29 July 2012.

Enjoy the emotional twists and turns of a four minute epic . . . . . !

More usual Zac's news and on the road going's on follow soon including Ireland, Germany and a visit from Fresh Expressions. Well done Steve and Rosalie - if the first week's response is anything to go by it'll go deservedly well.