Tuesday, September 18, 2007


As expected a great night had by all - Smithy was on form taking various characters from the Bible, (Samson, Peter, John the Baptist amongst them) and bringing them to life in all their human frailty delivering both a hope and challenge. MJ as ever brought the perfect songs, questions and stories for the occasion. Both he and I reflected how over two decades ago John's preaching drastically reshaped the way we saw the world and understood our faith.

Was disappointed a little with the turn out, but I think that's a Swansea thing generally! If you weren't there - you missed out big time!

John and Glena then headed for home in Melbourne via the slums in Bangkok to see mutual friends Ash and Anji Barker who work there. Martyn takes his excellent new album 'Vegas' on the road this autumn (Narberth and Cardiff dates for South Wales - end of October). I visited a mate on the way home from Heathrow, having dropped John and Glena off, on the Mon who's seriously ill with various strains of cancer - was a touching moment when he handed me a photo of himself, signing the back of it 'love ya mate' - I still hope to see him a few more times yet. Questions and hope still permiate, do battle and linger......just as Martyn remembers Smithy asking twenty years ago,'why didn't Jesus visit John the Baptist in prison?'