Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ribbons of Grace - Olympic Reflections...

Recorded some years ago with HTV Wales, thought it's worth re-airing as it carries some Olympic themes.....

Saturday, August 16, 2008

On The Road, Goodbyes......

Apologies for the lack of updates on the blog recently. The past six weeks or so have seen a lot of time on the road which have included brief visits to Ireland, Ukraine and Holland as well as a couple of thousand miles within the UK. Holland was a crazy ride of 1050 miles round trip laving Swansea 5am Saturday morning and being back home by 9pm the Sun evening! On such a public forum as this I can't detail the nature of the trips but suffice to say it's all been very productive.

Recent months have also been sad with five funerals of people connected with me - tragedy close at hand is a constant reminder to keep things in perspective, travel safely and appreciate the love of those around you always.

The recent gigs at Zac's with Rachel Taylor Beales with Sir Silence, Julia Harris and Rob Halligan went well despite struggling a little for numbers - Quite superb performances with some very intimate moments. Is good to see numerous of our regular artists on the bill for the Tenby Folk Festival next weekend - Rachel, Julia, Phil James, Martyn Joseph and more recently The Story's. Well worth a visit to Tenby if you can get a ticket.

At Zac's we have a quiter two weeks to give me a breather, so no Tribal Gathering and Coffee Bar until the first week in September now. We also say goodbye to Aussie Glenn as he returns with his family. They came for a year, two and half years ago, (connected originally through God's Squad) and have made a huge contribution to the very core of what goes on at Zac's. I am really going to miss having them around and thanks God for them. Glenn and Ros on right of pic below after a gig at Zac's with Sammy Horner, also pictured.