Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today as Australia mourns, I too remember dear friends and brothers and sisters in Australia going through dark days. Even within the family that is God's Squad and St. Martin's, (my ordaining church), there are those who have lost their loved ones and their homes. There are others too who fought the fires and others who in their capacity as chaplains and pastors have much to do. May God grant them strength and grace.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Helsinki . . . to Minehead?

Not had chance to right much of late. But recent days have seen such diversity amid much activity sometimes you only get chance to take in what's happening when you write it down.

Was in Finland the weekend before last, (flew out Friday, back Sunday), on God's Squad duties visiting the Finnish chapter. Much road travel, little sleep and feeling full of flue, but had an encouraging time with the guys - the 'Dutch' were also visiting, so it was never going to be quiet. The ministry of God's Squad in the bike scene continues to be effective on many levels and it's rewarding to see the development of the new chapters in Europe with the challenges of not only language but also diverse church and bike scene cultures. Got back into Heathrow shortly before they closd it due to snow - kind of ironic having just come from Finland where packed ice and snow is normal on the roads for months on end!

The next week or so saw the regular Zac's Place gatherings and another funeral to take in Reading. It's been a rough ride for mate's up there. From their close knit brotherhood, three guys from their club have died in the last eight months, the second just a few weeks ago. Amid the heartache, it remains an honour to be entrusted with the responsibility to help steer people through dark days. I try to keep things real and honest in the hope that it helps a little.

Back to Swansea for more Squad related events and meetings on the Saturday and then in Swansea Prison first thing Sunday morning to take the services there. Jail is always a favourite gig! Especially Swansea as there's so many familiar faces in there! Also get the tragic news from friends in Australia the some have lost their homes and one dear brother has lost his two daughters - the faces on my God's Squad photo montage at Zac's help us to remember them in our prayers tuesday night. Dark days indeed for some.

A couple of local Church meetings and time to spend with the family and then hit the road again on Sunday for the Minehead gig. It's a one off Zac's Place 'on the road' Songwriters circle (see post below). Am looking forward to it as Lorraine, Phil and Rob have been three of the most supportive musicians in the 10 years of Zac's Place.

So there we go, Helsinki to Minehead - it's the usual diverse mix of people, places and emotions. All the more reason to hang to that which never changes.