Sunday, December 23, 2012

Big thanks and warmest greetings

Many thanks to all our friends, supporters, volunteers and purveyors of occasional choreographed chaos for a wonderfully eventful 2012 at Zac's Place. 

It works, cause it's all about people - thanks for being part of it. May something of 'Immanuel', God With Us, be evident during this Christmas time to each one - evident in the gaze of a friend, the smell of the rain, the security of a cwtch and the evidence of hope in unexpected places. Cheers, God bless and watch this space for some Zac's Place developments into 2013 . . . 

In the mean time here's a video to ponder on, with the sound track of one of my favourite Christmas themed songs: written by Bruce Cockburn and joined, live, by Lou Reed and Rosanne Cash.