Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Facebook Feedback

For those on 'Facebook' you like to know that there is a Zac's Place 'group' - a space available for comment and discussion.
It has been encouraging to read comments, particularly about people's first experiences of Zac's Place - as folks folks have come along for many and varied reasons.

Here's a recent entry for your encouragement:
"My first experience of Zac's place..........hard to remeber. To be honest I was so off my face during that period ofmy life......? One thing that i will never forget is that it is where I first found Christ. Not in a head knowledge way but in a deep, heart knowledge. It was the first place I found Gods unconditional love, acceptance and grace in action. Not people talking it but people living it. Authentic faith and deeds in action."

For Facebook users you'll find the group here: Zac's Place Facebook Group

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Final Curtains

This past week has as usual been varied at Zac's Place. It has however been particularly marked by the final performances from JEMS Drama School here at Zac's - infact not just here, but anywhere as Jayne winds the school up after ten years of wonderful creativity. As usual the kids pulled all the stops out and last thursday's final night was not just a great performance but also very emotional; especially as some of the older kids have been involved for the whole ten years. Many of the folks that come through this building are tortured souls, so I shall miss the sound of laughter from the fifty or so drama school youngsters even more so.

As I write and prep for tonight's Tribal Gathering at Zac's - with the images of Michael Jackson's Memorial Service in the news, (but not much about the 7/7 victims), we'll ironically be looking at 'lament' and 'grief', (in the context of Old Testament geeza David in 2 Samuel 1); Lament and grief are two things I really don't think we're very good at in our culture. Tragedy is easier to deal with if it's a news story or a spectacle . . . lament is possibly what we should do with our questions and struggle when there aren't any obvious answers, but we cling to a bigger picture.

On a lighter note, it was good to welcome year ten students to Zac's this afternoon, from a local school, to come and hear some stories and look at the artwork - Doris continues to be a star attraction - based on, yup, 'Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted'!