Monday, December 01, 2008

Live Music at Zac's Place - some discussion....

Since Zac's Place began as, 'Zac's Place - Church in a Pub?' just over ten years ago, great quality live music was an essential part of everything that took place in the four different pubs we used; Over 300 gigs in fact, lost count of the number of artists, five TV programmes with ITV Wales, several other documentaries for TV and radio plus festival stages. Musicians such as Martyn Joseph, Phil James, Rob Ash, Lorraine King, Bill and Rachel Taylor Beales, Julia Harris have all been regulars on gig listings. Guests for TV and festival stages have included Glenn Kaiser, Rick Elias, Mike Peters, Mal Pope, The Electrics, Ben Castle and many others as well. The quirky TrifleSky and innovative Iain Hornal made their mark alongside the metal of Kosher and in more recent months it was great to run the stage and host a fundraiser with The Story's.

Since having our own venue over recent times it's been good to have the occasional gig and this past year we've had guest: Bryn Haworth, Martyn Joseph, Rob Halligan, Julia Harris, Rachel Taylor-Beales and Sir Silence and then just last week After The Fire. Swansea continues to be a frustrating place to put on gigs, especially paying ones. In the main we've managed to make this years gigs work out OK and I want to maintain some sort of momentum into next year.

One option is to introduce a regular monthly gig - something like a Sunday Night Live at Zac's. Charge a little bit on the door cover all the costs and on a busy one might even make a bit towards the charitable work we continue to be involved in among the marginalised.

Ten years on and Zac's Place has moved on - we're a 'Church for Ragamuffins' - but I still passionately believe in the importance of the voice of the artist - as unpredictable and chaotic as it may be sometimes; I still believe in giving artists a platform for their creativity. So my friends - musos, artists, fellow pilgrims - is there any mileage in some regular gigs? Is it something you'd support? Let me know - lets bat it around for a bit........

Cheers and God bless