Friday, March 11, 2011

Zac's Place set to open it's doors in Australia

Glenn and Ros Stewart's time with us in Swansea had a huge impact, on them and us, while they were here. Since returning to Australia, they have been putting the experiences they had in Swansea to good use in their homeland and a new adventure now unfolds ....

The Yass Tribune begins their article with these words....

God’s Squad is riding into town to set up a place where those living on the fringes of our society can find themselves at home.
The old St Clement’s community hall/tennis clubhouse is being transformed into Zac’s Place, an outreach centre which is unashamedly Christian in ethos and completely committed to extending a hand to local people in need.

The initiative is derived from a model in Swansea, Wales, where a church for ragamuffins was founded by the European president of the God’s Squad Christian Motorcycle Club, Sean Stillman.

Glenn Stewart, president of the Southern NSW chapter of God’s Squad, and his wife Ros have spent some time in the UK learning the tricks of the trade and growing their passion.

They have applied this experience to establish Zac’s Place in Yass, which they define as being “all about community”.

God’s Squad, which primarily exists to minister among the biker fraternity as a relevant and accepted expression of the Christian Church, has been working in the Yass Valley for about eight years. Mr Stewart said the nondenominational group has identified a need here but is also willing to be flexible in the service it will offer the community.

The doors of Zac’s Place will be open to everyone - men, women, young adults and the elderly. You don’t have to be a member of a motorcycle club or a church to find solace at the facility, which will act as a ‘drop-in centre’.

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