Monday, March 27, 2006


What a weekend! Having been leading a ragged bunch of radicals here in the UK Chapter of God's Squad for best part of the last 15 years it was time to step aside for other capable hands to take the reigns. True, there's more foundations to be set down for me - Europe becomes the focus of Squad leadership, but none the less it's a milestone. An occasion to put a marker down - remember God's grace and salute a bond of brotherhood that others can only dream of.

Then would you believe it. After 135 years in the lower divisions of English football, my home team, Reading gains promotion to the Premiership for the first time in their history. Not what you call world changing in the big picture, but am gutted to be missing out on the celebrations and am right pleased for the lads and my home town. Now at this stage in the game, I reckon those of us who made up the lowest ever home gate of 1,713 v Preston North End in 1982 deserve a complimentary season ticket!!! Reading in the Premiership - that's a milestone!

Then to complete the weekend of milestones - as I put my 22 month old daughter to bed she looks me in the eye and works hard to string the three words together and says, 'I-love-you' for the very first time. No other words necessary.

Amid the bond of brothers, the feverpitch enthusiasm of dreams and the child connecting with 'abba' don't let the milestones passover.

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