Tuesday, January 16, 2007

SAMMY HORNER Gig, Sun 11 Feb.

Celtic singer / songwriter Sammy Horner returns to Zac's on his solo tour, which has the working title of 'Songs for the Sick & Tired'! Sammy is an excellent performer on many levels - whether it be with his punked up celtic combo, 'The Electrics' or with his more reflective acoustic material. His wit and warmth make a great connection and I'm looking forward to having him around for a couple of days.

He's a friend, colleague and if he lived near Swansea would be a 'Zaclican' too! So put the word out - Sun 11 Feb from 7.30pm at the Zac's Place HQ in Swansea.

See Sammy's myspace pages at

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