Friday, February 16, 2007


It was grerat to have Sammy around at Zac's for a few days this past week. The Sun night gig went well as did the impromtu one at Tues nights Tribal Gathering. Managed to squeeze in a radio interview for Swansea sound, for broadcast this Sunday morneing with Kev John's Heart & Soul Show and Sammy also managed to share a few song with some of the lads on 'A' wing in Swansea Jail.

Celtic music and traditions came with a breath of fresh air, accompanied with reminders or worship with the '5 stringed harp' - symbolizing that we can worship God with all of the senses we are given - which if like me you have a terrible singing voice - there's room for a whole range of creative expression.

I'll aim to put a live track up from the Sun night gig on our myspace page as soon as I can and also keep you posted when we have Sammy's new album 'Songs for the Sick and Tired' in stock. The advance copy I have listened to is great and will be an encouraging listen for many Zaccers.

Also managed to take a few new promo shots of Sammy at Zac's in a spare hour - here's another two of them....

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Liz said...

He was brilliant! I loved his music and his talking. Great and humble man.