Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter Bunny Get's Slaughtered On Rubbish Dump

I started this blog around this time last year with an Easter reflection. A chaotic lifestyle leaving little time for marshalling thoughts into an ordered fashion to share with the expactant few, is a little frustrating to say the least.

As we approach Easter time, the lead up has continued to be hectic and I know I will struggle to find much space to truly reflect on this glorious celebration of reunion of creator and created. Amid all the Easter imagery of the butchered and bleeding Christ in various states of undress we can still be missing the greatest pain of all. 'Why have you forsaken me?' The pain of the severing and separation of the Father and the Son renders the brutal physical torture and humiliation of Christ a mere stubbed toe on the redemption journey. One day, maybe one day we'll fully appreciate it.

Breaking down of relationships at any level is a painful experience. Just this past few days and weeks one of my kids has experienced bullying and I believe a betrayal of trust from friends. How hard it is to see the disappointment and pain in a young life. But how sweet it is, to see signs of reconcilaition, apology, forgiveness.......

At Zac's Place on Tuesday night half the group has been looking at the New Testament letter of Paul's to the Ephesians. One of the reminders in these pages is that the non-jews, the non religious, were as welcome in God's family as anyone - the curtain separating the holy from the not so holy in the temple was torn in two on that crucifixion night. The way continues to be open for the religious and non-religious, the hurting and the lost, the betrayed and belittled, the bullied and the thug........

Happy Easter? Depends how grateful you are I guess.

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