Friday, June 22, 2007

Getting back to 'normal'

Zac's Place is gradually getting back to 'normal' after the burglary and insurance work, (New door plus a fancy roller shutter) plus a few bits and bobs of maintenance, (four major holes in the ceiling now repaired). I have to use the term 'normal' in it's broadest sense, because the very core of most of what goes on is quite unpredictable. Breakfast and Coffee bar work among the homeless and vulnerable is back fully functioning - although there's concern for 'dancing Kenny' who's not been seen for about five weeks. S is going into rehab and it was a precious moment to pray for him before he departs Swansea. Last Tuesday's Tribal Gathering was more informal than normal as we had some food together celebrating the completion of the last series of studies! Lorraine came down and shared a few poignant songs amid a gathering which included numerous going through real heartache. Next week we'll begin looking at some of the parables of Jesus. This coming week also sees Jems Drama School's annual production - weds, thurs and fri. Lots of extra work in the venue and lots of people coming through - and 45 children performing each night under the direction of my Jayne. I continue to be humbled by the profound impact such 'ordinaryness' can have when looked through the eyes of the searching, the lonely and the lost.

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