Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Tradition...

Thought it would be good to share a few images from the Christmas Day Dinner we held at Zac's Place. We hosted around 25 friends from the local community - many street homeless, others in housing crisis. Our thanks to all those that helped on that day and boxing day to these special times of 'belonging' - it was a precious time indeed.

It is also a time when we remember that the first invited guests on the scene at the birth of Christ as a baby were 'shepherds' - they probably had no voting rights and were not trusted enough to give evidence in court. We consider this kind of deliberate inclusion, a tradition worth continuing. Below are some pics of some of the most famous people I know - famous because God talks about them all the time.

My thanks to everyone who has supported, shown interest and added to the Zac's Place chaos over this past year - my love and prayers for God's blessing and peace into this new year.
(We continue to provide breakfast on weekday morining in partnership with The Wallich and also provide a hot meal on thursday evenings for Swansea's rough sleepers - volunteers always wanted!)

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