Saturday, February 09, 2008


Fri 7 March sees Martyn Joseph return to Zac's Place as part of his UK Spring tour. His gig at Zac's is one of a few selected as a one that will feature special Q & A opportunity in the second set.

Great to read his 'Vegas' album review in MOJO this week and giving it a four star rating.

Colin Irwin writes.....

Britain's best-kept secret goes on the attack

Welsh singer-songwriter Martyn Joseph is one of Britain's most underrated talents. He had a hit 25 years ago with a song about dolphins and seems to have been filed under "wet" ever since. In reality, he's a challenging songwriter and a compelling courageous live performer. This forthright album - cleverly balancing a menacingly Spartan production with angry vocals, broody electric guitar and stirring narrative songs - demands reclassification. Strange characters weave in and out of its colourful human scenarios. The title track is the story of a lonesome cab driver, while The Fading of Light is a modern Desolation Row and Nobody Loves You Any more a coldly fierce epitaph to a shamed leader - just fill in your own name. But it's the musical spaces Joseph daringly inserts which make the difference, giving the album its brooding tension and intensity.

Tickets for the gig are available from Zac's Place, 07971 218644 or the tour office 01524 414043 Price £14
More info available from MJ site HERE

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