Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bryn Haworth Track Added on MySpace Page...and other updates.

As expected the recent Martyn Joseph Gig at Zac's Place went brilliantly. Alternative format in the second half giving opportunity for questions proved a worthwhile exercise with a whole range of questions from the deep to the trivial, moving to the amusing. His 'storyteller' song was 'Carried In Sunlight' which he performed and then movingly explained the song line by line as he recounted much of his Grandfathers life and influence on him and his struggle and death from Alzheimer's. Numerous folk at the show commented on, despite seeing MJ on many occasions, they thought this performance was the best they'd heard - high praise indeed. Thanks to all who supported the gig and to MJ for choosing to use Zac's as his preferred venue in this area.

Continuing on the theme of live Zac's gigs, I have uploaded a short instrumental track recorded live at Zac's from Bryn Haworth on our MySpace page. It's a beautiful rendition of 'Were You There..' and a dobro masterclass for any guitarist. Quite superb.

Also did a radio spot for Swansea Bay Radio on Helen Enser Morgan's Show in recent weeks - pic below of muggin's and Helen meeting 'Doris' - one of our Beatitudes art exhibits. (Although Doris didn't say alot on the interview..)

Next couple of weeks sees me return to Spring Harvest to work on the Pastoral Team and then onto Holland to take a wedding. Some of which either some or all of the family join me. This is all after (Good) Friday's Bikers Memorial Run via Zac's which God's Squad is running and then onto Bridgend to show support for the community there.

May the challenge and eternal hopes of the Easter message be real in these coming days to each of us.

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