Friday, October 10, 2008

AFTER THE FIRE - News Release

Originally well known back in the 70s and 80s, the last time After The Fire played in Swansea was in 1982. After a bit of a layoff since their monster hit 'Der Kommissar' in 1983, After The Fire (aka ATF) are now back and return to play Zac¹s Place on Saturday 22nd November for what promises to be a great show. Over the last 18 months, ATF have been enjoying their busiest period since 1982, when they toured the world with rock icons Queen, ELO and Van Halen.

Since 2004 both their early, self-financed cult LP 'Signs of Change' has finally appeared on CD, as has the full collection of CBS recordings, re-released by Sony on a double CD set. The band's energetic live set came out on both DVD and CD and a suite of material recorded back in 1982 was released on Angel Air Records.

During 2005 ATF returned to the studio to re-record their former top 40 UK hit, 'One Rule For You', re-titled 'One Rule (For Trade Justice)'. In conjunction with Christian Aid, the band immersed themselves in MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY campaigns and events.

Now loyal supporters are introducing their offspring to ATF's positive, high energy music! The band have re-invented their live approach with a well crafted, semi-acoustic sound. ATF's website and continue to help build their following with a new generation of fans.

Tickets are available from the ATF website or at Zac's Place.

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