Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Facebook Feedback

For those on 'Facebook' you like to know that there is a Zac's Place 'group' - a space available for comment and discussion.
It has been encouraging to read comments, particularly about people's first experiences of Zac's Place - as folks folks have come along for many and varied reasons.

Here's a recent entry for your encouragement:
"My first experience of Zac's place..........hard to remeber. To be honest I was so off my face during that period ofmy life......? One thing that i will never forget is that it is where I first found Christ. Not in a head knowledge way but in a deep, heart knowledge. It was the first place I found Gods unconditional love, acceptance and grace in action. Not people talking it but people living it. Authentic faith and deeds in action."

For Facebook users you'll find the group here: Zac's Place Facebook Group

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