Friday, August 21, 2009

Throw Away Prayers

Having done about 400 of the 550 miles that day, I figured I was due a break of longer than it took to refuel the bike. So, I rode about 300 metres down past the pumps and parked in shady spot before launching back onto the Dutch motorway.

Short moments of still, quiet, reflection are precious on a long journey. As traffic thunders past on the other side of the trees, I quench my thirst and get some sugar intake.

As I begin the ritual of putting on my helmet, shades and gloves before firing the trusty HD into life, I notice a small scrap of paper on the tarmac below the bike.

On closer inspection, it’s a paper dart with the words, ..’please pray for . . ‘ visible on the upside of one of the wings. I recognised it as similar to the little prayer card things that are often in the chapel in prison.

As I stooped down and opened it, I read the scrawly pencilled words also in English; ‘..nobody, because there are no god.’

Some years ago, Tom Petty sang, ‘Even the losers get lucky sometimes’. Maybe also, even now, the throw away prayers don’t necessarily fall on deaf ears.


Anonymous said...

I think the Lord was talking to you, and I think he was saying

"Get a Proper Job Mr. Stillman !" (you will note that God does not use your First Name in this context, mainly because he has adopted the tone of a slightly agitated parent"

I pray you will have success in your search for gainful employment !

Anonymous said...

I see you have enabled comment moderation..

So much for freedom of Speech.....

I think the Good Lord likes to hear what people have to say, even if you don't agree with it..

Anyway, get yourself over to Bunbury W.A in November and we can have a catch up over a cold one or two. We can get nostalgic and talk about CMA rallies (Deuteronomy was a good one)