Friday, November 05, 2010

THE SOUNDTRACK TO THE HEARTBEAT OF ZAC'S PLACE (Part 1) - featuring clips from Rick Elias & Rachel Taylor-Beales

Since the beginnings of Zac's Place way back in 1998 in a smokey Swansea basement bar, music has had an important role. These days we don't get chance to put on many gigs, (Barry McGuire recently), but for the first seven years much of what we did revolved around weekly sunday night gatherings in four different bars with great live music an integral part of the communal gatherings.

Coming up over the next few weeks I'll put a few posts up with video and maybe audio clips looking at some of the artists who we have had the pleasure of sharing the journey with. They'll include seasoned pro's and emerging artists who have since matured into established musos in their own right, artists from this city and overseas, genres of folk, rock, metal, dance and jazz - who do you remember, what would you like to see and hear again.

As a starting point here's two clips - one from Nashville based Rick Elias who I met, via Sam Horner, when he was gigging in the UK with A Ragamuffin Band. Rick kindly returned to play two songs on our TV shows with HTV Wales and also in the bar. Here's a recent home recording of his, of an old song 'Blink'. Enjoy.

Of all the cries that come from within the spirit of folks at Zac's Place is is, 'please don't push me away, don't forget - don't pass me by'. The following recording of Rachel Taylor Beales live at our HQ in 2008 shares the angst, frustration and the search to make sense amid the chaos. Rachel and her husband Bill continue to be great friends and inspiring artists, based in Cardiff - 'Please Don't Pass Me By' ....

Check back in the coming weeks for some more clips and don't forget to check out John Smith's podcast - where there is his message from the night with him guesting back in August ....

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