Friday, June 01, 2012

Paying Tribute ....

Baz had been involved at Zac's Place since our early gatherings as 'Zac's Place - Church In A Pub?' at Ellingtons around 12 years ago. Since being based at George Street, his fingerprints were all over the place as he helped with many practical jobs around the venue. Security guy, key holder and all round Mr Reliable, Baz leaves a big hole in the community of Zac's Place since his sudden death.

For Baz's family, the road looks like a hard one ahead at the moment - but together we continue to make a difference for those we love and for those we share the road with and those we pick up along the way - that's the way Baz lived, if you knew him, that's why you knew him  - don't let that fire go out folks. 

The following video was put together by another of us at Zac's Place, Liz.

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