Saturday, February 09, 2013

Meanwhile in Melbourne

After a rather cool sub zero 150 mile ride to Berkshire, where I left the bike in the very capable hands of Grub for some routine work whilst I'm away, I've headed a long way south from Heathrow. Some dates to follow in NZ next week, but in the meantime I shall be getting rid of jet lag and preparing in Melbourne. Catching up with great friends here and speaking at St. Martin's in Collingwood on Sunday  - on a day when many remember the tragic fires that burned four years ago taking the lives of dear ones. Every stop along the way is punctuated by people and their stories - sometimes it's óur story' as many of the folks I spend time with I've know for a few decades now - whether it be lunch with my mechanic mate back home, my hosts here in Melbourne, dear friends at St Martin's I shall try to encourage, Buckshot out in NZ who's organised my itinerary there and the New South Wales crew I'll see for 24 hours enroute home. As I reflect on 25 years of ministry this year, the 'story' involves so many people and places. So many complex interwoven threads of friendships, support and challenges. As we remember the Transfiguration of Christ this week, I am reminded of the ongoing transformational power of the living God - occasionally it's a miraculous mountain top experience, more often it's back down the hill, in the valley, where Jesus took his mates directly afterwards amid the chaos and questions.

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