Sunday, March 18, 2007


Mobile phones have become a necessary evil. There's one particular caller ID I really dislike seeing come up on my phone's display trying to get through. It's my 'office'. It can only mean one of two things. Either we have some how miraculously managed to finance an assistant for me who happens to be calling me from the office - which on this occasion was highly unlikely, as it was Saturday evening and the money box is empty anyway. This leaves the only other option, that being the burglar alarm at Zac's has been activated and a recorded message is about to tell me so. Great - I'm 150 miles from Swansea, on the bike and it's belting down with rain.

By the time I get back having battled the elements, the gaping hole that used to be a door is being boarded up, scene of crime have done their thing and we work out what's missing. Fortunately, not much - but cctv and the process of elimination means the theft was probably carried out by two of our 'familair friends'. But a week of disrupted activity at Zac's beckons due to a lack of available exit and another insurance claim for another trashed door. (A different door was put in a few weeks back.) City Centre Mission, it's a wonderful thing!

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