Wednesday, March 07, 2007


It often feels like I collide with each day, buffetting around in a pinball machine of clatters and rattles. Lots of stuff happens. Sometimes you can recall milestone marks. Sometimes it's a blur.

This past week has been has been the usual chaos, but it's also been a week of my 40th birthday, our 15th wedding anniversary and the birth of our fourth child. The family continues to be the place where all the stuff you share on the road and among those seeking your words and ear is grounded.

If love and grace aint real there, I find it hard to talk about it else where. This week it is truly good to celebrate with those closest - who often pay the highest price - who love and give the most.


Liz said...

Awww, so perfect!

Barro said...

what a week,

love and blessings to you and the stillers clan and happy 40th, hope to catch up in Melbourne at the end of the year,

Blessings bro