Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gold Coast to Welsh Coast

Arriving back at Heathrow Airport and onto South Wales amid howling gales seems like so many miles away, in more ways than one, from the Gold Coast of Queensland in Australia, the last stop on the tour. Sweet family reunions and disciplining myself to sleep and stay awake at appropriate times to minimise the effect of an 11 hour time change are all part of a homecoming.

The last 'formal' event of the trip went very well - an evening speaking engagement in Southport at the Church of Christ there. Smithy has spoken there numerous times and Ash Barker (UNOH/Thailand) was there just a few weeks previously and I knew a message reflecting on mission to the margins would not only be anticipated but welcomed - I hope at each of the venues folk will be inspired to find life on the margins. It's been a trip of varied venues and opportunities and I've tried hard not to repeat myself, (with the exception of a few stories). It would be easy to give the same message each time, but no part of the journey is ever the same. (At some stage I hope to put a few of the messages up on podcast or as links from the soapbox part of the webpage).

From start to finish it's been 21 days, a dozen messages, 14 different beds/couches/seats, 2200kms on 1 bike and a lot further on six aircraft in 5 States. It's been about a lot of people. Out of the whole trip all my waking hours were spent in the company of many people, (with the exception of a few hours riding here and there) and it's people that make the journey and it's people that continue to make a difference.

My deepest thanks to all those who showed hospitality and showed support in so many ways, to those who gave me space to do what I do, to Magoo for the wheels, and to the NSW Police dept for the helicopter escort through Sydney (I'm sure the tax payers of the city will be most appreciative of your paranoia).

Here's a few snaps from the mobile - so resolution won't be that great:

Melbourne - I wanted to learn much more about Aboriginal issues on this trip which I did - the moving story of a rescue in Gundagai 150 years ago touched my heart enormously..
Glenn on the flood plain at Gundagai

After speaking at a Baptist Church in Canberra.
The helicopter appeared shortly after!
Lismore crew - NSW
Some of the Gold Coast Crew, QLD

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