Saturday, November 07, 2009

Launceston, Melbourne, Glenrowan, Wagga, Yass & Canberra . . .

Sat here in Canberra at the home of Glenn and Ros, eventually getting chance to pause for breath and it's all a bit sureal. Just twelve months ago they returned home to Aus after having spent nearly three years with us Zac's Place. Now it seems I have just nipped out the door and called around for coffee. In fact it's seemed like that for much of the last week or so catching up with so many from the community that is God's Squad.

The National Run in Tasmania was a blast as expected, although this year the added responsibility of deputizing for for JS meant that I was flat out from the point I landed in Melbourne. Returning to Melbourne after the weekend is less than an hours flight and since then I have been working my way north by bike after catching up with folks at St. Martin's. Precious times with fellow Squad members and their families and other friends at each resting place ensure that talk late into the night continues way after any formal speaking resposibilities have finished.

It's good to be riding amid the vast spaces of the Aussie coutryside between the country towns. (Road kill is much bigger than home and I'm sure the bugs wear bigger boots!). It was great to be in Yass in Southern NSW his morning to take a Breakfast meeting which was packed - am staggered that some folks had travelled 5 or 6 hours to be there; very humbling indeed. The next few days see more speaking, more miles, more reunions . . . .

Despite the vast open spaces between towns and cities; the world seems so very small.

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