Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our Tribal Gathering at Zac's last week was a little different to our usual, as we welcomed Barry McGuire to share some stories and songs. It was great to have the main hall packed with some folk making a journey of several hours to be there. Barry himself had travelled four hours after having flown in from California.

It was wonderful hearing his life's journey as he shared his stories of carving out his career in music alongside his mates in The Byrds, the Mamas and Papas and hanging out in small coffee house gigs with Bob Dylan. He also shared his frustrations and heartaches as he's seen so many friends die from the lifestyle excesses along the way. Eve of Destruction remains his most notable work, but he rejects the 'protest song' label for it, stating that it was a 'diagnostic song', painting a picture of what was around at the time. Many of his own stories contained his search for the answers to questions in that song.

Several decades on from 'eve' and his desire to subsequently follow Christ, now at 75 years of age he took the stage for an hour and half with charisma, energy and passion that can only be admired. Zac's Place has a long history of live music and the arts - these days live music doesn't come around too often, but when it does it's worth savouring!

Here's a YouTube link to Eve of Destruction from that night - follow the links through to Liz's additional uploads as they appear.

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