Tuesday, September 28, 2010

VINTAGE ZAC'S PLACE LIVE FROM 'THE OFFICE' -'If you can't handle the organized Church - create a disorganized one...!'

Whilst sorting through some old recordings, I came across a disc from August 2002 when Zac's Place was gathering on a Sunday night in the public bar of The Office pub in Swansea city centre. On it was an interview with John Smith and following that a short reflection from the Bible. The link below is for the interview and covers questions on being jailed and facing excecution, life influences and church struggles.

What's remarkable, is that this was recorded in a public bar to a mixed audience of around 150 people - bikers, musicians, artists, believers, seekers and cynics among them . . . . for a brief moment the pool table, pinball machine and bar fell silent . . . grab a few minutes and take a listen . . . .

You can also find John's own podcast here:
(Part two of this recording will eventually be posted there)

A direct link to the podcast can be found HERE.

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