Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Never Stop Asking The Questions

When Zac's Place began 14 years ago, we called it, 'Zac's Place - Church In A Pub?' The question mark was always very important, as we really didn't know what, if anything, it would develop into. In many ways, although we are now 'Zac's Place - A Church For Ragamuffins', it remains important to ask the questions - What is Church and are we fulfilling the mandate that we find in the Scriptures?

In the current series of studies and discussions at our Tuesday evening Tribal Gatherings, we are looking at those issues. I often ask three questions of any church activity to ascertain whether it fulfills a role or whether it's just something we do because that's what we've always done. They are all based on relationship - how does what we do affect our relationship, (and therefore connection, view, understanding etc) with a) God b) each other and c) the wider community we serve. If we struggle to answer at least one of those positively for any endeavor as 'church', we really did ought to be asking ourselves, 'what are we doing it all for then?'

This week, we also welcomed Roy Jenkins from BBC Radio Wales to join with us. You can catch an interview with me and various  sound bites from our time together on his 'All Things Considered' Programme on BBC Radio Wales this Sunday, 30 Sep at 9am and it will be available on iPlayer afterwards and on their Podcast.

Listen to this interview here:

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